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Charley Corpse

Founder and Curator

Charley Corpse founded Barbarous Studios to build teams of passionate people to create a culture of acceptance, open-mindedness, and the pursuit of new ideas. Focusing on photography, Charley looks to promote people through documenting and presenting images of the contributions of unique people that otherwise may have been overlooked in a world of conformance to societies standards of beauty and lifestyle.

Skarlet Infekta

Professional Cosmetologist

Skarlet Infekta is an innately gifted makeup artist with a vision unmatched in the industry. With years of experience with all styles, Skarlet is extremely adept at sharing a vision with any team she is a part of. As a licensed cosmetologist, Skarlet’s knowledge extends from the fundamentals of makeup and beauty product knowledge and knows no bounds when it comes to artistic creativity and bringing a vision to life in its most pure form.

Misha Rodriguez

Founder of Sadistic Vixens Clothing

Misha Rodriguez is the founder of the brutal, heavy custom clothing company Sadistic Vixens. Misha brings her sadistic style to life by customizing garments for female metal fans. Misha saw a hole in the market for female metal attire, and filled the void with her insane vision of mosh pits full of Sadistic Vixens.


Professional Model

Drecakesss is a professional model from Orange County, CA. Dre has worked on high-visibility projects with stars such as Kreayshawn, B-Real, Sullen Clothing, and many other brands and celebrities. With her unique natural style, Dre owns every shot with her fierce confidence and will easily slay any shoot.